Performances- Topophilia Kelder Projects


Topophilia: from the Greek topos ‘place’ and philis ‘love of’ it denotes a strong sense of place or a love of certain aspects of such a pace/ or the affective bond between people and place or settings. First used by WH Auden English poet in 1947 in his introduction to John Betjemen’s book of poetry, ‘Slick but not Streamlined’. The word was then popularised by Yi-Fu Tuan, a Human Geographer, in his book Topophilia: A study of Environmental Perception, Attitudes and Values, published in 1974. Gaston Bachelard refers to ‘a felicitous space’ (1957). This performance is a mixture of song lyrics (I feel for You, I think I love you by Chaka Khan), stories, anecdotes, movement. It has been created virtually as a response to the work I was making for Kelder Projects’ Radical Ventriloquism exhibition/ programme of performances, and live work, curated by Lee Campbell. This is also a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, where your home is now the only ‘safe’ space available-a space we must learn to love, and find new meaning in. Also it refers to the longing for outdoor space that we all took for granted.

Topo philia, Topo philia

I feel for You

I think I love you