Contested histories, auratic translations.


I work with photographs, prints, sounds and videos of places that hold a multitude of historical and political narratives.

My photographic and print interventions explore the interstices between the historic and the contemporary to create projected images and installation pieces, as well as print editions.

The return of a material affect to the flat surface of the digital is of critical concern, as the print and the photograph become image-objects more in keeping with pictorial and sculptural forms.

I am looking to enact or perform the hand-made in the landscape,  as plates are exposed and developed in situ and imbued with minerals from the place itself. 

Touch and ‘noise’  feature as a resistance and response to discourses of historical amnesia, the Anthropocene and the accelerated viewing of digital media.

These places and performances question the embodiment of the inner and outer landscapes as connected fragments, as experiences with all their geological and psychological fissures and troughs.


Victoria is an artist, writer and researcher who grew up in Argentina, now living and working in London. She holds an MA and PHD in Photographic Theory and Practice from Birkbeck College, University of London, and a BA and MA in Fine Art /Printmaking from Camberwell College of Art and Central St Martins, University of the Arts London. She has exhibited extensively in the UK and Internationally, and her work features in private and public collections in the UK, France and China. She has received numerous awards, including the Celeste Photography Prize and the Clifford Chance Purchase Prize for print. Her work looks at the contemporary translation of photographic aura and our perceptions of memory in landscapes of disappearance.

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