AR(T)CHAEOLOGY: Intersection of Photography and Archaeology at NiMAC Nicosia, Cyprus -research project, and exhibition October 2018- January 2019

A year long project organised and curated by the International Association of Photography and Theory (IAPT), Cyprus- to explore the intersection between notions of archaeology, the archive, memory and memorial and contemporary photographic practice. A number of artists in dialogue with one another, addressing these issue in their practice were invited to participate in this project. The culmination of this was a publication, an exhibition at Nicosia’s Museum of Contemporary Art and a conference at the university exploring these concepts in relation to archeologies, writing and visual material in Cyprus, and across the world. My work explores the interstices between forensic anthropologists and places of disappearance through photographic archival images, C-type prints in a large scale and projections onto the surface of the image. In addition, a sound piece was created specifically for the exhibition in Nicosia.



El Lugar Perfecto (2018) C-type photographic print, projection and sound piece 300 cm (w) x 110 cm (h)


Publication of Ar(t)chaeology as presented at CAA in New York


publication ar(t)chaeology 2018

Sound piece

After Haroldo (2018) Sound piece, 7 minutes looped- readings from Haroldo Conti’s book ‘Sudeste’, layered with sounds of fishermen singing, river Parana, Argentina