Rock and a Hard Place (2019)

A series of photo etchings, folded and turned into stand alone book pieces- exploring the Fragmentation and erosion of our coasts, and their significance as places where land and sea jostle for authority. In the anthropocene, these Jurassic rocks hold the promise of our historical, geological and paleontological origins, while each fragment, as it disintegrates, carries that memory away with it, forgotten over time.



Between a Rock (2019) Single photo etching, folded, free standing sculptural book piece (45 cm x 60 cm)

Rock and a Hard Place (2019)-Three sculptural photoetchings, folded, hand made book covers, 90 cm (w) x 45 cm (h)

This piece centres on notions of erosion and uncertainty. They are photo etchings I created in situ on the Jurassic coast of the UK, where the oldest fossils have been found, and the coast line crumbles inexorably into the sea. It continues my investigation into landscapes of disappearance, places where myth, history and memory collide. Creating this piece by exposing and developing the photographic plates on site, I explore the notion of the auratic translation of the image, in which each print in the edition is imbued with the markers of the place itself. They can be seen as three individual book arts, or sculptural etching pieces, or, as they are shown here, as a fragmented panoramic piece that works as a single installation.


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My work is concerned with auratic translations, interpretation and fiction in our encounters with the landscape. I use photographic installations, projections and print editions to explore notions of the politics of place, resistance and ruin. I am interested in the spaces between what we know and what we think we know about the world, and have investigated these ideas in a series of installations and prints over the last few years.