Print Dialogues- solo show at the PELTZ Gallery, Bloomsbury

River Dialogues

crumpledprint1The Fall (2014) Crumpled C-type prints on copy paper from press transferred film stills, 350 cm x 110 cm

PRINT DIALOGUES at the Peltz Gallery, Birkbeck School of Art, 43 Gordon Square, WC1H

1st May- 10th May 2014

2nd May: 4pm artist talk

6th May: 6pm round table discussion with Dr. Gabriel Koureas, Dr. Patrizia di Bello and Professor Paul Coldwell

Print Dialogues is an exhibition of lens-based work by the artist and researcher VICTORIA AHRENS. Her work explores the intersection between photography and printmaking in the depiction of the lost landscape. Working initially from rediscovered analogue snapshots of the river, she reworks the imagery through various screens, questioning the fragmentary nature of memory and the possibility of the ruin in her contemporary print installations.

Supported by Birkbeck School of Art and the History and Theory of Photography Research Centre


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