Casper’s Forests

forestmade3These are test pieces following on from an earlier project I have been working on about the Alkali Act of 1863. I am interested in the layering that occurs with a collage of acetone transfers on Japanese papers and the sense of depth they create- these images while referring to a forest, symbolic of the sublime in the 18th century (Casper David Friedrich), here represent a dying or disappearing canopy of trees and denotes mankind’s ambiguous relationship with nature and the traces of the human that continue to shape our landscapes.

IMG_2527This piece has been selected for the London Group Centenary Show, together with a show reel of 6 other pieces. The show will take place from the 28th May 2013 for two weeks.

Categorized as Lacuna

By victoriaahrens

My work is concerned with auratic translations, interpretation and fiction in our encounters with the landscape. I use photographic installations, projections and print editions to explore notions of the politics of place, resistance and ruin. I am interested in the spaces between what we know and what we think we know about the world, and have investigated these ideas in a series of installations and prints over the last few years.

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