Forests and Casper David Friedrich

Digital transfer Print, Japanese shodo paper in layers

I am interested in the symbols and subjects of the Romantic period, and translating them into a contemporary environment. Here the layers of Japanese paper work on the translucent surface of the transferred image to create depth.

Rather than sublime in its aesthetic sense, it is sublime in its etymological sense- sub- liminal: below the threshold, at a key moment when things are changing and we are becoming more aware of it. Where travelers in the 18th and 19th century were confronted with the environment as a frighteningly new place making it the subject of much of the writings and paintings of that time- now the environment in its more frightening aspects is coming to us. The forest, however, traditionally a place of dark mythology and folklore, here is a sparse and crumbling landscape, and represents a dystopia and disillusion with the tropes of another age.

Casper David Friedrich, 1812-

One response to “Forests and Casper David Friedrich”

  1. The forest pieces are lovely!

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