In order to get to this as a final image, I first went through a multitude of different versions, on tracing paper, transparent paper, moving the ink around the surface of the transfer. Although these were interesting experiments, I ended up coming back to the original images and starting from scratch again to find the particular, mediated quality I was after.

Here  is an example (above) of the images created by ‘smudging’ the wet ink on the surface of the transfer,  abstracting the subject and giving it a painterly feel.

Categorized as Lacuna

By victoriaahrens

My work is concerned with auratic translations, interpretation and fiction in our encounters with the landscape. I use photographic installations, projections and print editions to explore notions of the politics of place, resistance and ruin. I am interested in the spaces between what we know and what we think we know about the world, and have investigated these ideas in a series of installations and prints over the last few years.

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