Auratic oscillation (2021)

Here and There at WINDOW ROOM (Philadelphia)/ PARKHAUS 15 (Orlando,FL)

22nd May 2021- live streaming

Ebb and Flow (2021)

Split screen, inverted colours

Video collage, audio

 (6 mins, 49’’)

Otherworldly walk into and out of the landscapes in duplicate, the Doppleganger out of synch, a glitch in the technological sublime landscape, that serves to create collages, dreamscapes and jarring encounters with the ebb and flow of the place. Playing on the history of the stereoscopic view of 19th century landscape photography, the moving images move and meld, blend and mirror, mesmerize and subvert- left to right, right to left- there are absences too, that create book folds, or double page spreads. The inverted colours are punctuated by sounds that echo the natural or the digital, the voice of a child reminding us of a more innocent encounter with the landscape. Ebb and flow, fast and slow- the tadpole, the doggie, a dead pigeon.