Biennale de l’Image Tangible, bit.20 Paris 2018 – Julio Gallery Space

______________________-Biennale de L’image tangible 17 November-8 December

REVIEW of the show:

oeuvre de Victoria Ahrens

Alti/plano (2018-2019) Photographic transfers, screen prints and wooden painted stands, 170 cm (w) x 150 cm (h)

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oeuvre de Victoria Ahrens

Working with Julio Space in the 20th arrondisement in Paris, in a two person show for the Biennale de l’Image Tangible (2018) with Laure Tiberghien. Folded and transferred photographs of the Andes challenging the role of cartography in our sense of space and experience of place. The images juxtaposed as a single piece re create an imagined landscape based on actual photographs of the Altiplano of the Andes. These marginal spaces remind us of the failure to grasp the whole, as human perception takes in the view in small fragments. The sculptural triangular photographic pieces, re  narrate this experience and as stand alone, abstracted and transferred photographic fragments, can be positioned in multiple compositions to unite these into a single, layered view.