reversal of fortune


turkanaopen1Photo transfer collage of the Turkana Basin- where the oldest humanoid remains have been found: Turkana Boy. Also one of the most hostile environments on earth, very little grows or flourishes here. World’s largest alkaline lake. Fragments of the landscape are transferred onto book board with only the barest traces of the original coming through. The abstraction of the landscape into the essence of its marks and colours is something I am looking at- the marks of the acryic matt medium can still be seen on the surface of the piece giving it a painterly quality.

Working with the notion of permanence and impermanence, instability and uncertainty, photographs of natural phenomena become an allegory for the passage of time and the futility of small acts of survival. I am interested in the wonder of contemplation as a counterbalance to the pseudo-certainty of science , categorizing these quasi imperceptible changes and microscopic alterations in inventories of my own design.