3″ loop projection

Here I took three photographs of dark rain clouds and manipulated them in order to create the illusion of the sun coming through the clouds, and disappearing again, by over and underexposing the images gradually. These I then shaped in a round format to imitate the shape of a planet,  the pupil of an eye or  most importantly, the shape of a petri dish or microscopic image. The images change slowly to form denser clouds and then disappear again gradually. I am interested in meteorology as a science as well as an aesthetic and sensory experience.  The slowly evolving images reflect the changing conditions of the atmosphere as an artificial device to question our interference and impact on weather conditions  (the sublime experience) while also alluding to observation or capturing of nature for close analysis (the subliminal experience)- on the one hand a reference to the vastness and uncertainty of the sky , and on the other our attempts to control and understand it. Here the slowly evolving images play with the wistfulness of our silent encounter with the sky and its changing conditions.