work in progress


Looking to create a new set of images based on work I created on my MA, about the ORIGINS (ORIRI) of the world. This is ALMA- the Atacama Large Milimetre Array, a series of large scale radio telescopes that search for gallaxies, black holes and constellations in the Atacama desert in Chile. I am interested in how this place denotes the beginnings of the world as well as a place of death- nothing grows there, it is the only desert visible from outer space and is the driest place on earth. It sits at 5000 metres above sea level and a large number of meteors have been found there.



SPAM of the EARTH…

Space junk that surrounds the earth- disused satellites

Placing small prints of satellites in dialogue with one another- work in progress- making a book or a wall series of these man made space invaders


Also creating a new book from photocopied images on newsprint- landscapes of the disappeared. Abstracted views, translations and dualities of small fragments of places that are disappearing from view. I give these places a new prominence by focusing on their smallest parts, the fragment for the whole.



Another fragmentary small book piece I am making:


A book dummy of other photographs- from a trip into the Andes in 2015. These peaks define the border between Chile and Argentina as natural border.