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A True Date with a Palm Tree

A new series, ‘A True Date with a Palm Tree’ (2019) looks at the historical migration of the Date Palm tree and its colonial and anthropological significance in botanical, and archival photographs, while interrogating its place in landscapes of political uncertainty- in particular in the wake of increasingly closed migration policies. The project combines a […]

Rock and a Hard Place (2019)

A series of photo etchings, folded and turned into stand alone book pieces- exploring the Fragmentation and erosion of our coasts, and their significance as places where land and sea jostle for authority. In the anthropocene, these Jurassic rocks hold the promise of our historical, geological and paleontological origins, while each fragment, as it disintegrates, […]

Out there (CMKY) hand coloured

Salt prints and photoetchings of fragmented landscapes, are held together in open frames. These are then hand coloured, alluding to the history of early ‘colour’ photography, using cyan, magenta, black and yellow- the same separations used in printmaking processes today.  

Columbus Exchange (Not in my Garden) 2019

Not in my Garden (2019) Photographic Print on copy paper, wooden sticks, projection onto the surface (26 seconds looped) “At the time I could no more believe my eyes than I can now trust my memory.” ― W. G. Sebald, The Rings of Saturn   Gaerd (2019), Digital transfer photographs on copy paper, wooden sticks […]

Another Land, Kingston Museum

    Lleva y Trae (2019) Acetate transfer prints on fabriano paper, analogue photographs (180 cm x 160 cm)   Los Orígenes (2019) reversed looped video, digitalised 16 mil, waterfall   No lo contradigas, es la verdad (2019) Photo etchings, acetate prints (90 cm x 70 cm) Another Land Another Land is an exhibition and […]

Biennale de l’Image Tangible, bit.20 Paris 2018 – Julio Gallery Space Biennale de L’image tangible 17 November-8 December REVIEW of the show: Photographic transfers, screen prints and wooden painted stands, 150 cm x 120 cm (h) READ more about it in this article   Working with Julio Space in the 20th arrondisement in Paris, in a two person show for the Biennale de […]

VIA arts Prize, Brazilian Embassy

  Pasos (2018) Digital Transfer prints, screenprint, wooden frames (250 cm  x 180 cm) VIA ARTS PRIZE (Pasos, 2018) The vastness of the Andes is one of South America’s most iconic and enduring panoramas. Photographing the Altiplano, I was drawn to it as a place where myth, memory and history collide. It was here that […]

Tierras áridas, La Nau Cultural Centre, Valencia, and Museo de Bellas Artes, Jaen SPAIN 2018-2019

  Resistant Grounds (2019)- Collaborative printed book: Victoria Ahrens, Altea Grau, Victoria Arney, Jo Love, Sumi Perera (60 cm x 30 cm) including lithography, photo etching, relief and embossed print, etching and screen printed pages Designed and crafted by Victoria Ahrens and Altea Grau Tierras Aridas// Arid Lands Collective publication project Curator: Antonio Damian/ Antonio […]

AR(T)CHAEOLOGY: Intersection of Photography and Archaeology at NiMAC Nicosia, Cyprus -research project, and exhibition October 2018- January 2019

A year long project organised and curated by the International Association of Photography and Theory (IAPT), Cyprus- to explore the intersection between notions of archaeology, the archive, memory and memorial and contemporary photographic practice. A number of artists in dialogue with one another, addressing these issue in their practice were invited to participate in this […]

Athens School of Fine Art – Wonderer

Wonderer aims to establish connections between the U.K and Greece and considers how different cultural, philosophical and historical interpretations of our solar system can be re-imagined from a contemporary art platform. Wonderer will also house 30 works that were successful in our Stars open call. These works, each of stars, have been selected by Fronteer […]

Artificial Things, ARB Cambridge

This piece, Allá, is a press transferred photographic print of a double exposure on Japanese paper that explores the nature of landscapes as an artificial construct. It forms part of Victoria’s continued research into the experience of place as a fictional and narrative encounter. Using historic and contemporary alternative photographic processes she looks to hand […]