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Columbus Exchange (Not in my Garden) 2019

Not in my Garden (2019) Photographic Print on copy paper, wooden sticks, projection onto the surface (26 seconds looped) “At the time I could no more believe my eyes than I can now trust my memory.” ― W. G. Sebald, The Rings of Saturn   Gaerd (2019), Digital transfer photographs on copy paper, wooden sticks […]

Another Land, Kingston Museum

    Lleva y Trae (2019) Acetate transfer prints on fabriano paper, analogue photographs (180 cm x 160 cm)   Los Orígenes (2019) reversed looped video, digitalised 16 mil, waterfall   No lo contradigas, es la verdad (2019) Photo etchings, acetate prints (90 cm x 70 cm) Another Land Another Land is an exhibition and […]

VIA arts Prize, Brazilian Embassy

  Pasos (2018) Digital Transfer prints, screenprint, wooden frames (250 cm  x 180 cm) VIA ARTS PRIZE (Pasos, 2018) The vastness of the Andes is one of South America’s most iconic and enduring panoramas. Photographing the Altiplano, I was drawn to it as a place where myth, memory and history collide. It was here that […]

Tierras áridas, La Nau Cultural Centre, Valencia, and Museo de Bellas Artes, Jaen SPAIN 2018-2019

  Resistant Grounds (2019)- Collaborative printed book: Victoria Ahrens, Altea Grau, Victoria Arney, Jo Love, Sumi Perera (60 cm x 30 cm) including lithography, photo etching, relief and embossed print, etching and screen printed pages Designed and crafted by Victoria Ahrens and Altea Grau Tierras Aridas// Arid Lands Collective publication project Curator: Antonio Damian/ Antonio […]

Altiplano series

    Paso a Paso (Cordillera) (2018) Photoetchings, folded 50 cm x 30 cm (h)   Horizonte (Fragmentos) (2018) Photo etchings on fabriano rosaspina paper,  shelf 80 cm x  30 cm (h)    

Athens School of Fine Art – Wonderer

Wonderer aims to establish connections between the U.K and Greece and considers how different cultural, philosophical and historical interpretations of our solar system can be re-imagined from a contemporary art platform. Wonderer will also house 30 works that were successful in our Stars open call. These works, each of stars, have been selected by Fronteer […]

Artificial Things, ARB Cambridge

This piece, Allá, is a press transferred photographic print of a double exposure on Japanese paper that explores the nature of landscapes as an artificial construct. It forms part of Victoria’s continued research into the experience of place as a fictional and narrative encounter. Using historic and contemporary alternative photographic processes she looks to hand […]

anthropo(BS)cene: when the cock crows three times (2017)

C-type print of Larsen ice shelf crack, 90 gsm paper Part of the exhibition Le Coq Artiste, at Q Park, 38-42 Whitcomb street, London Weather Vain (2017) Film still, video projection 5 mins looped, car park wall THE WEATHER VAIN PROJECT Climate change denial is on the rise and with Donald Trump’s administration made up […]