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WCPF 21 installation award

Grounding (2021) The installation is called GROUNDING (2021)It is made up of 12 large scale photo etchings, ground rock pigment, two C-type photographic prints, articulated and supported on wooden stilts This installation piece brings together a series of image-objects that challenge our fragmented relationship to… Read More

Hypnos and the Dissolution Process (2021)

WITHOUT HORIZON, WITHOUT SHORE, Lambeth County Court SE11 4DZ @geographies_of_print with Victoria Ahrens, Carol Wyss, Victoria Arney Hypnos and the Dissolution Process (2021) 6 monitor video collage installation, sculptured book pieces, photoetchings on stilt supports and photographs with hand applied rock pigment In Greek mythology,… Read More

By a Long Chalk

By A Long Chalk (2021) Chalk is a material with a long history of associations with art practice. Formed during the Cretacious period (Creta is the Latin for chalk) 145 million years ago at the end of the Jurassic era, it holds in its structure… Read More

Auratic oscillation (2021)

Here and There at WINDOW ROOM (Philadelphia)/ PARKHAUS 15 (Orlando,FL) 22nd May 2021- live streaming Ebb and Flow (2021) Split screen, inverted colours Video collage, audio  (6 mins, 49’’) Otherworldly walk into and out of the landscapes in duplicate, the Doppleganger out of synch, a… Read More

Inclined (2021)

In this series of prints and print-objects, Deep Time, I have been further motivated to explore these constructed landscapes as a way of understanding that which stands still, yet still changes, often imperceptibly- restaging combinations of transfer prints and photo-etchings, as sculptural framed pieces, to… Read More

Lockdown: A stone’s throw (2020)

Using photographs, digital prints, and photo etchings as well as screenprints, I have been making a series of image-objects that reflect on our relationship to the outdoors, and the mineral. Looking at images I took before lockdown, of vast outdoor spaces, and having time to… Read More

Performances- Topophilia Kelder Projects

RADICAL VENTRILOQUISM: ACTS OF SPEAKING FOR & SPEAKING THROUGH at KELDER PROJECTS, Islington, London Guest Curator: Lee Campbell 12.03.20- 19.04.20 | 18.30–21.00 “KELDER Projects is a curatorial research space that aims to expand on traditional modes of display and in turn offer up alternative ways… Read More

Conditions, 89 Gloucester road, 2020

Starting to produce work for my solo show in Denmark in March Based on the notion of phantom mapping and projection mapping- where copyright traps were drawn into early cartographies of newly explored topographic landscapes- these paper towns or phantom mountain ranges have often been… Read More

AR(T)CHAEOLOGY: Intersection of Photography and Archaeology at NiMAC Nicosia, Cyprus -research project, and exhibition October 2018- January 2019

A year long project organised and curated by the International Association of Photography and Theory (IAPT), Cyprus- to explore the intersection between notions of archaeology, the archive, memory and memorial and contemporary photographic practice. A number of artists in dialogue with one another, addressing these… Read More

Columbus Exchange (Not in my Garden) 2019


Not in my Garden (2019) Photographic Print on copy paper, wooden sticks, projection onto the surface (26 seconds looped)

“At the time I could no more believe my eyes than I can now trust my memory.”
W. G. Sebald, The Rings of Saturn
Gaerd (2019), Digital transfer photographs on copy paper, wooden sticks
210 cm (w) x 1190 cm (h)


Projection of 16mm film onto folded paper substrate, 3 mins looped
A new project exploring the cultural, social and political exchange between Europe and the Americas at the turn of the century and its impact on our encounter and relationship with plant matter, gardens and trees today. The contradictions of this colonial exchange and its implications have repercusions in the light of strict laws prohibiting the introduction of ‘foreign’ species into the Americas and vice versa- . A metaphor for immigration and migration issues today and an ironic and political look at the prohibition of species being brought back to their country of origin.

Another Land, Kingston Museum (2019)

___________________________________Another Land is an exhibition and events programme showcasing experimental visualisations of place in art and design research. Bringing together practitioners from across Kingston University, the Royal College of Art and University of the Arts London, contemporary works and events have been integrated into Kingston… Read More

Biennale de l’Image Tangible, bit.20 Paris 2018 – Julio Gallery Space

______________________-Biennale de L’image tangible 17 November-8 December REVIEW of the show:   Alti/plano (2018-2019) Photographic transfers, screen prints and wooden painted stands, 170 cm x 150 cm (h) READ more about it in this article   Working with Julio Space in… Read More

VIA arts Prize, Brazilian Embassy

  Pasos (2018) Digital Transfer prints, screenprint, wooden frames (250 cm  x 180 cm) VIA ARTS PRIZE (Pasos, 2018) The vastness of the Andes is one of South America’s most iconic and enduring panoramas. Photographing the Altiplano, I was drawn to it as a place… Read More