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ALMA- this image is of ‘The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), an international partnership of Europe, North America and East Asia in cooperation with the Republic of Chile, is the largest astronomical project in existence. ALMA will be a single telescope of revolutionary design, composed… Read More

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Geard (2013)_ii

Photographs through the screen- close ups taken of a projected image on Japanese paper, then turned into prints- second stage of the new project Geard (2013)_ii: Trying out different display methods, from projection to digital prints on Hanhemule rice paper- I like the casualness of… Read More

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Geard (2013) _i

Working with old Sony portable monitors to present found footage- the juxtaposition of a garden with its sprinkler (artificial and manmade) and the waterfall (natural sublime)- mediating the mediated image- through the screen- I’m interested in how our viewing of the material changes when the… Read More

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Casper’s Forest (2013) at WC-A contemporary open

VictoriaAhrens_Casper'sForest_6Casper’s Forest (2013) at WC-A Contemporary Photography Open at Worcester CIty Gallery and Museumwopen

Transfer collage on Japanese Shozo paper, found book, shelf

Here the found book completes the piece and places it on an imagined continuum with history. The edges of the pages play with the viewer’s sense of space and reinforce the juxtaposition of the book and the flat print, by bringing a sculptural element into the interplay between the tree trunk on both sides of the installation. Referencing Casper David Friedrich’s paintings of forests, here the sublime is inverted- the images are of a dying forest, a desolate landscape.

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Arkadas- new project

This new project is based on images I took in the Atacama desert, northern Chile and refers to a multitude of landscape imagery from early prints of Mount Fuji by 18th century Japanese printmakers to the photographs of hidden satellites in the nightsky by Trevor… Read More

The Alkali Inspectorate

  This is how the piece is looking as an installation. I have become increasingly interested in the origins of environmental sciences and the writings of Robert Angus Smith, the 19th century Scottish chemist who pioneered research on air pollution and acid rain. I am… Read More