Category: Alkali

Absorb, Peltz Gallery

Frontier (2016) C-type print of press transferred positive on Hahnemule paper 210 cm x 108 cm What lies beneath (2016) C-type print on Hahnemule paper 210 cm x 108 cm Part of the auratic translations of images from the 1930s on the river in Argentina, these photographic renditions (large scale) emphasize the troughs and fissures […]

Contemporary Printmaking, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou

Jian Zhou curated the show at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou as part of Impact 9 Printmaking Conference 2015. The show is now open at Times Art Museum, Beijing and will be touring to Changsha and Shanghai later in the year. My piece, ‘They were Hanging There’ (2015) above is now part of […]

River Dialogues, Wells

Sculptural photographic pieces, currently being shown at WAC, Somerset 4 x triangles with C-type prints, fragments of the same view, layered one in front of the other, with pieces missing, they allude to the difficulties of remembering and our multiple responses and encounters with the landscape.

Folded Parana

Folded Paraná (2015) Photo etching on fabriano rosaspina paper, 80 cm (h) x 150 cm From the series of photo-etchings exposed and developed on the banks of the Paraná with water from the river. The last known resting place of thousands of Argentina’s political disappeared during the Dirty War, the plates are embued with the […]

On lo(n)gging

New print sculpture of abandoned logging sheds along the Parana river (50 cm x 70 cm), handmade prints on fabriano rosaspina paper, cut and mounted on acid free book covers    

They were hanging there

New c-type prints on Japanese awagami paper, 210 cm x 108 cm – photographic negative The title refers to the fact that new evidence has emerged in recent years stating that islanders in the Delta region of Argentina lived for years during the Dirty War (1976-83) with bodies hanging from trees as military planes dropped […]

Lumina Paraná

Here are some initial combination prints/photoetchings of my research on the Delta, an hour from Buenos Aires. The plates and photographs were taken, exposed and developed on the river (with river water), so that the subject matter of the prints, and their making, create a circular methodology:  

Reversal of Fortunes (2014)

Looking at aspects of landscape as construct and the reversible nature of print, I am working with new combination photo-etchings and digital prints to think through these ideas in a large scale. As my microresidency in Argentina approaches (Parana river workshops and ACE residency) these prints start to work with the physical intervention of place […]

Honoré Project, Galerie Rue de Visconti, Paris

Beautifully curated exhibition at Balzac’s Print Rooms in the lovely St Germain arrondissment of Paris. This exhibition that I was asked to show in will now be coming to London, to the TJ Boulting Gallery: TRACES, a group show part of HONORE. This exhibition is taking place in Balzac’s former printing workshop on Rue de […]

Print Dialogues- solo show at the PELTZ Gallery, Bloomsbury

River Dialogues The Fall (2014) Crumpled C-type prints on copy paper from press transferred film stills, 350 cm x 110 cm PRINT DIALOGUES at the Peltz Gallery, Birkbeck School of Art, 43 Gordon Square, WC1H 1st May- 10th May 2014 2nd May: 4pm artist talk 6th May: 6pm round table discussion with Dr. Gabriel Koureas, […]

Printmaking Today, Perfect Purchase

Article in Printmaking Today: Perfect Purchase, with a review of the Clifford Chance Purchase Prize I won in November 2013. The prize means one of my prints becomes a part of the one of the largest print collections in Britain. It was selected by Emma Stibbon  RA who ‘was impressed with the quality of her […]

Parana blues (2014)

Fragments of found photographs from the turn of the century, transferred through the press, then photoetched with blue screen projected onto it- continuing my experiments into the interstices between printmaking and photography, digital and analogue.

Clifford Chance show

Clifford Chance Purchase Prize 2013 Arkadia (2013)C-type Print of press transferred film stills, on copy paper 300 cm x 120 cm Selected for this show by Nigel Frank to represent Postgraduate Printmaking in London- the show opens on 13th November on the 30th Floor Gallery. Also showing are Paula Bourke-Girgis, Joanna Brinton, Jude Cowan Montague, […]

Pushing Print 2013

Pushing Print festival in Margate 2013, with exhibitions at the Pie Factory and Margate Gallery. My work was selected for the Pie Factory and I was pleased with the display and feedback. Margate, having never been before, proved to be a quirky place with, as Turner would have us believe, spectacular skies: Naipi and Taroba […]


Arkadia (The Lost Exploitation Journals) 2013 Installation of four digital prints, two projections, 600 newspapers Although I have worked with this image before, here I was interested in re-fragmenting the piece into its constituent parts. The idea of the banner has an interesting etymology from bandum (Latin), for the cloth that is made into a […]