Tilted/ Full Tilt (2022)

Tilted (2022) Salt lakes and Volcanic peaks, upside down, iron ore pigments and solferino violet ink, hand made book covers, plinth, 70 cm (folded) x 50 cm
Double helix (2022) Photoetchings on hand made book covers, folded, solferino violet pigment and indigo, 60 cm (h) x 80 cm (w) folded x 2 on plinth

These pieces create installations that are immersive and yet distancing, as colours are inverted and distorted. Photo etchings made in situ, with mineral pigments and photographic processes, allude to histories of cartography, geology and mythology- the pieces converse with the still images that balance in the spaces of the gallery. The tilted nature of the work references our altered perspectives, and the freefall we are experiencing in light of the climate crisis, as Hito Steyerl alludes to in her essay on vertical perspectives:


These sculptural, still images respond to our encounter with deep time and how these minerals that are used in every aspect of our lives, creating a forensic new pellicule on the surface of the prints, and bringing back a history and hierarchy of colour and its use in art practice. They balance precariously on the edge of plinths echoing the topsy turvey relationship we are encountering with landscapes in the process of radical change.

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By victoriaahrens

My work is concerned with auratic translations, interpretation and fiction in our encounters with the landscape. I use photographic installations, projections and print editions to explore notions of the politics of place, resistance and ruin. I am interested in the spaces between what we know and what we think we know about the world, and have investigated these ideas in a series of installations and prints over the last few years.