Conditions, 89 Gloucester road, 2020

Starting to produce work for my solo show in Denmark in March

Based on the notion of phantom mapping and projection mapping- where copyright traps were drawn into early cartographies of newly explored topographic landscapes- these paper towns or phantom mountain ranges have often been translated onto contemporary maps, such as google earth and gps guides. Once discovered the data is not easily removed, leaving ghost traces on the map. These are composite images of the source of the Amazon on Peru, folded and digitalised and projected onto, these photographic objects sew uncertainty into the visual plain- and project imaginary moving images onto its digital surface. A screen behind a screen, these different iterations create ‘false memories’ of that which did not exist in the first place. They display the glitches and interruptions in the data, working as ‘poor images (Hito steyerl) that attempt to guide the viewer. Photo etchings of actual places that have been exposed and developed in situ, complete the installation- creating a tension between the hand made, that which has touched the landscape and the screen based that has not. Haptic and optic meet to translate these into personal maps, ethnographic traces of places I have seen.mappingandprojection1redlandscape1twoprintsonthe wall